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Re-thatching over existing coats in Wheat Reed and Water Reed

When re-thatching over an existing coat often a roof will need one or two coats stripped off first.
This is to prevent too much weight being placed on the roof structure and to gain an even under-coat.
Once this has been achieved the top coat can be thatched to the correct pitch and even finish.

Ridging: block ridge and traditional flush ridge

The ridge is an integral part of your roof. It’s main purpose is to seal the apex to prevent water damage.

When a ridge has worn out water will get in and the roof will deteriorate from the inside out. Re-ridging at the right time can prolong the life of your whole roof and save you from needing an early re-thatch.

A flush ridge will need to be replaced every 8-10 years.
A block ridge will need to be replaced every 10-12 years.

Roof repairs

When up in your roof space or loft you might notice thatch hanging down and an old rafter is cracked or broken, do not panic!

Most structural wood work can be renewed from the inside or repaired in sections to avoid having your whole roof re-built.


If you find you have a section of roof that has a leak you may not need to have the entire roof re-thatched.

Where appropriate patching can be used to repair the damaged section and form a water tight seal.